What Famous Celebrities Wear To Workout


Celebrities have their style of wearing clothes, whether it is on the red carpet or to the gym. Many of them have proved that getting stylish and going to the gym is also a part of fashion. Bright workout clothes which Kendall Jenner would like to wear has got a position in the top dressing style by a celebrity while going to gym. For cycling sessions, Hilary Rhoda prefers sticking to a cool and high-contrast look which can provide confidence. A bohemian touch to the workout attire can make you look incredible even when you are sweating in the gym. Candice Swanepoel believes that.

Gigi Hadid has completely changed the fashion world. She likes to g to the gym in a Gotham sweatshirt. If you wear a classic graphic tee over the yoga clothes you wear, you will be then copying Gisele Bundchen. It gives a classy look. If you are in a hurry going to the gym, try Anne Hathaway’s easy pick-me-up tie dye leggings. Neon Sneakers are the favorites of Jessica Hart. Headphones that look cool are a must addition to Karlie Kloss’s workout attire. A neon sweatshirt can give an energizing look, says Karoline Kurkova. A leather jacket is the all- time winner, says the celebrity.