What Kate Hudson Loves To Wear On A Gym Date

Kate Hudson in Gym Dress

Athleisure is now one of the latest and hottest trends which people love to follow. All thanks to the gurus of fashion Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. There were days when people were not confident in wearing sweat pants or leggings outside their home because of the fear of the outside world for being judgemental for the fashion sense. Now a day, you can find a lot of people relaxing in sweat pants or a sneaker or even going for shopping wearing them.


Athleisure bandwagon has seen many other brands joining them, but one brand that has been continuous with the trend was Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The launch of this line was in 2013, after teaming up with the Breast Cancer Initiative by CFDA, so to create a pink outfit, which will be a limited-edition honoring National Women’s Health and Fitness Day along with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Kate Hudson said that the inspiration to open a brand came from talking to friends and thinking about what they can do with each other. She also said that the motto of the brand is ‘Fashion First’ and working on a brand with CFDA was a wonderful experience.

Kate Hudson, in an interview, said that one could wear these brands wherever they wish to go. Now, it is so easy that if you want to go for lunch or to school to pick your kids, no matter what, if you feel like wearing them, you can. She also added that it is one’s decision to decide whether to wear a brand or not. On asking about what she would prefer wearing on a date, she said that she would go for high-waist black leggings and also would like to wear Hudson bralettes as they are comfortable for her and they look good under things.

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